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Training and Behavior

Basic Skills: Dog Training by Kikopup : Emily Larham has hundreds of videos from basic skills like come and walking to impressive tricks. These tutorials show you step by step how to train various skills and challenges.

Dominance: The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior has a position statement about the relevance of dominance for training pet dogs. Click here to read

Drop It: This video shows a beautiful process for teaching a dog to drop an item. Notice how the process is designed to condition (“program”) a response in the dog without even needing errors in the first steps.

Fearful/Shy/Nervous Dogs: Fearful Dogs : This website has many different resources for owners of dogs who
are nervous.

Harness/Grooming/Handling Challenges: DomesticatedManners : This page has many videos demonstrating how to teach a dog or puppy to be more comfortable with harnesses or grooming.

Kid and Dog Resources:

- Robin Bennet Blog : Robin is a dog trainer who writes a lot about parenting and dogs.

- Stop the 77 : A website about kid-dog safety, specifically about reducing dog bites (kids are most likely to be bit by a dog in their household or a dog owned by a close family member or friend).

- Living with Kids and Dogs... Without Losing Your Mind : This book is by a dog trainer-parent who does a great job of writing about the different safety concerns depending on the age of the child.

- How Can I Prepare My Dogs to Visit With Kids : Prepare your dog for visits with kids.

- How Can I Prepare My Children to Visit Dogs : Prepare your children for visits with dogs.

Muzzles: Sometimes dogs benefit from learning to wear a muzzle. Here is a muzzle training video

Punishment: The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior has a position statement about the use of punishment for addressing behavior problems. Click here to read

Puppy Biting: Click here to see a video on preventing puppy biting and how to respond in peaceful ways.

Puppy Socialization: The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior has a position statement about the benefits and safety risks of early puppy socialization. Click here to read

Reactivity (Barking/Lunging at People/Dogs From Excitement, Fear, or Frustration: CARE : The CARE protocols have good step by step instructions for implementing immediate management to reduce reactivity and to begin training to decrease reactivity long term.

Resource Guarding (Guarding Food/toys): Mine : This book is entirely about resource
guarding. The first portion is background information and then there are step by step training protocols to work through.

Separation Anxiety: Malena DeMartini : This trainer offers distance consults, an online course for resolving separation anxiety, and has published a book (Treating Separation Anxiety in Dogs) on the topic.

Veterinary Visits: There is a veterinary program called Fear Free that is about reducing the fear pets may experience at a veterinary clinic. A portion of their website is specifically for pet owners. There are free and paid pieces of information on the website. Check it out here

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